Fedora packages maintained

Package Description URL Since
bit C++ library to simplify bit stream parsing http://libbit.sourceforge.net FC-4 (Stentz)
cairomm C++ API for the cairo graphics library http://cairographics.org/cairomm/ FC-5 (Bordeaux), EL-4
clips Language for developing expert systems http://clipsrules.sourceforge.net FC-4 (Stentz), EL-5
clipsmm C++ interface to the CLIPS expert system C library http://clipsmm.sourceforge.net FC-5 (Bordeaux), EL-5
conexus C++ I/O communication library http://conexus.sourceforge.net FC-4 (Stentz)
dbus-cxx C++ bindings for the DBus library http://dbus-cxx.sourceforge.net/ F-9 (Sulphur), EL-5
gimpfx-foundry Additional GIMP plugins http://gimpfx-foundry.sourceforge.net/ F-9 (Sulphur), EL-6
nqc A C-like language for programming the LEGO robot http://bricxcc.sourceforge.net/nqc/ FC-5 (Bordeaux), EL-5
papyrus Cairo based C++ scenegraph library http://libpapyrus.sourceforge.net/ FC-5 (Bordeaux)
tetex-IEEEtran Official LaTeX class for IEEE transactions journals and conferences http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/help/Catalogue/entries/ieeetran FC-4 (Stentz), EL-4
xournal Notetaking, sketching, PDF annotation and general journal http://xournal.sourceforge.net/ FC-6 (Zod), EL-5