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Alphabetical listing of nominations

Nominations list as of Sat Jan 06 10:58 PM MST 2018
4211066, Tears To Many MothersNomination
511985: Under an Iron SkyNomination
136The 7th ContinentNomination
681The 7th Continent: The Flying RootsNomination
851The 7th Continent: What Goes Up, Must Come DownNomination
44878: Vikings – Invasions of EnglandNomination
23A Game of Thrones: The Card Game (2nd Ed.) 2018 ExpansionsNomination
125A Nice Cup of TeaNomination
139A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures GameNomination
24Above Top SecretNomination
69Abyss: LeviathanNomination
233Aeon's End: LegacyNomination
6Agents in TimeNomination
28Alchemical Crystal Quest (second edition)Nomination
74Alien Artifacts: DiscoveryNomination
161Altiplano Renegade US EditionNomination
21Ancient ArtifactsNomination
96Ancient Civilizations of the Inner SeaNomination
26Andoria BattlefieldsNomination
34Android: Netrunner 2018 ExpansionsNomination
13Animator vs AnimationNomination
34Apocalypse RoadNomination
131Arcadia Quest: RidersNomination
205Architects of the West KingdomNomination
48Ariovistus: A Falling Sky ExpansionNomination
236Arkham Horror: The Card Game 2018 ExpansionsNomination
63Artificial IntelligenceNomination
157Arydia: The Paths We Dare TreadNomination
84Atlantis RisingNomination
20Avertigos: South China SkyNomination
26Badass RidersNomination
88Barbarians: The InvasionNomination
2Bargain QuestNomination
64Barker's RowNomination
601Batman: Gotham City ChroniclesNomination
37Bayonets & TomahawksNomination
65Beasts of Balance: BattlesNomination
63Best Treehouse Ever: Forest of FunNomination
205Betrayal LegacyNomination
351Big Trouble in Little China: The GameNomination
173Black AngelNomination
20Blackwater GulchNomination
53Blade Runner 2049: Nexus ProtocolNomination
32Blight Chronicles: Agent DeckerNomination
124Blood on the ClocktowerNomination
47Book of DragonsNomination
742Brass: BirminghamNomination
873Brass: LancashireNomination
52Bridges to NowhereNomination
397The BrigadeNomination
9British Vs Pirates: Volume 1Nomination
10Brutus: The board gameNomination
5Building A Better MonsterNomination
426CO₂: Second ChanceNomination
107Cake OffNomination
136Carnival Zombie 2nd Ed.Nomination
26Carnival of MonstersNomination
27Carthago: Merchants & GuildsNomination
83Castle Von LoghanNomination
50Cataclysm: A Second World WarNomination
95Century: Eastern WondersNomination
460Cerebria: The Inside WorldNomination
76Champions of HaraNomination
689Chronicle XNomination
133Chronicles 1: OriginsNomination
48Chronicles of CrimeNomination
426The City of KingsNomination
62City of the Big ShouldersNomination
72Clash of RageNomination
19Coin & CrownNomination
131Coma WardNomination
71Commands & Colors: MedievalNomination
23Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel! – Second EditionNomination
308Container: 10th Anniversary Jumbo Edition!Nomination
406Core SpaceNomination
5Crossbones: The Swashbuckling Pirate Adventure GameNomination
23Crossroads of HeroesNomination
380Crusaders: Thy Will Be DoneNomination
12Crystal ClansNomination
200Cthulhu Wars: Onslaught 3Nomination
10Curio: The Lost TempleNomination
191D-Day Dice (Second edition)Nomination
11DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Crossover Pack 7 – New GodsNomination
44Daimyo's FallNomination
55Dark Dealings: Dwarven DelveNomination
128Darkest Night (Second edition)Nomination
53Darkness SabotageNomination
93Dawn of PeacemakersNomination
19Dawn of the Zeds 3rd Edition Unnamed ExpansionNomination
47Day Night ZNomination
11De StijlNomination
6Dear LeaderNomination
152Deception: Undercover AlliesNomination
406Deep MadnessNomination
132Deep Space D-6: The Endless ExpansionNomination
19Defense Grid: The Board GameNomination
11Defense of the CitadelNomination
171Detective: A Modern Crime BoardgameNomination
312Detective: City of AngelsNomination
177Dice HospitalNomination
38Dice SettlersNomination
55Dice Throne 2Nomination
117Diceborn HeroesNomination
137Dinosaur IslandNomination
23Doctor Who: Time of The Daleks 2018 ExpansionsNomination
40Dokmus: Return of ErefelNomination
59Donning the PurpleNomination
35Doomtown: Reloaded – There Comes a ReckoningNomination
26Downforce: Danger CircuitNomination
139Draconis Invasion: WrathNomination
72Dragon KeepersNomination
33Dragoon: The Rogue and Barbarian ExpansionNomination
57DreadBall (Second Edition)Nomination
4Dual Powers: Revolution 1917Nomination
46Dungeon AllianceNomination
52Dungeon CrusadeNomination
58Dungeon Dice: The Lost KingNomination
120Dungeons of InfinityNomination
89Dwarven SmithyNomination
23ELO DarknessNomination
223Eclipse Second EditionNomination
334Edge of DarknessNomination
95The Edge: DawnfallNomination
140Elder Sign: Omens of the PharaohNomination
247Eldritch Horror: Masks of NyarlathotepNomination
114Eminent Domain: OblivionNomination
290Empires of the Void IINomination
33Empyreal: Spells & SteamNomination
47End of the TrailNomination
455Endeavor: Age of SailNomination
13Endure the Stars 1.5Nomination
12Epoch: Early InventorsNomination
257Epoch: The AwakeningNomination
134Escape PlanNomination
117Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia expansionNomination
28Evil Dead 2: The Official Board GameNomination
51Evil High PriestNomination
10Exceed: Seventh Cross (Season 2)Nomination
69Exit: The Game 2018 ScenariosNomination
46Expedition ZettaNomination
57Explorers of the North Sea: Rocks of RuinNomination
60FIEF FranceNomination
40Fairy TileNomination
224Fallout: Wasteland WarfareNomination
131Feudum: The Queen's ArmyNomination
164Fields of Arle: Tea & TradeNomination
40Fields of Fire Vol. II: ''With The Old Breed''Nomination
21Fire in the LibraryNomination
567Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-KarNomination
26Firefly Adventures: Brigands & BrowncoatsNomination
120The Flow of HistoryNomination
147Folklore: The Affliction Nightmare Adventures and Adventure Creation KitNomination
108Food Chain MagnateNomination
41Fort Sumter: The Secession Crisis, 1860-61Nomination
772Founders of GloomhavenNomination
84Full Moon JacketNomination
190GKR: Heavy HittersNomination
41Galactic Warlords: Battle for DominionNomination
91Gandhi: The Decolonization of British India, 1917 – 1947Nomination
140Glen MoreNomination
117Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest GameNomination
96Glorantha: The Gods WarNomination
46Glory: A Game of KnightsNomination
48Greenland 3rd editionNomination
437The Grimm ForestNomination
58Grimslingers: The Northern Territory ExpansionNomination
58The Grizzled: Armistice EditionNomination
42HEXplore It: The Valley of the Dead KingNomination
106Hand of Fate: OrdealsNomination
58Hands in the Sea 2nd EditionNomination
111Hannibal & HamilcarNomination
8Harem WarsNomination
117Haunt the HouseNomination
49Heirs of the Wizard KingNomination
53Helionox: Deluxe EditionNomination
29Hero's CrossingNomination
236Heroes of Land, Air & SeaNomination
71History of the WorldNomination
29Hitler's ReichNomination
10Human EraNomination
90Human Interface: Be a Better HumanNomination
31Human Punishment: Social Deduction 2.0Nomination
135Imperial Assault 2018 ExpansionsNomination
230Imperial StruggleNomination
187Indian SummerNomination
19Infinities: Defiance of FateNomination
4Ink MonstersNomination
55Invierno Cubano: Castro's Counterinsurgency, 1959-1965Nomination
813The Island of El DoradoNomination
267Jagged Alliance: The Board GameNomination
74Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal: Board GameNomination
171John CompanyNomination
40Journey: Wrath of Demons Second EditionNomination
19Journey: Wrath of Demons: White Bone Demons and Spider Demons ExpansionsNomination
10Judge Dredd: Block WarNomination
61Judge Dredd: The Cursed EarthNomination
99Key FlowNomination
178Key MarketNomination
25Kill The UnicornsNomination
87The King's ArmoryNomination
54The King's GuildNomination
369Kingdom Death: Monster 2018 ExpansionsNomination
39Kings of War: VanguardNomination
29Kung Fu ZooNomination
6Kung Pao ChickenNomination
76The Legend of Korra: Pro-Bending ArenaNomination
75The Legend of the Cherry Tree that Blossoms Every Ten YearsNomination
99Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game 2018 ExpansionsNomination
211Legends UntoldNomination
137Legends of Sleepy HollowNomination
9Light Hunters: Battalion of DarknessNomination
78Living PlanetNomination
20Lockwood's AsylumNomination
23Long Live the QueenNomination
24Loot 'n ShootNomination
86The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game 2018 ExpansionsNomination
7Lords of BaseballNomination
732Lords of Hellas Wave 2Nomination
307Lucidity: Six-Sided NightmaresNomination
11Lucky's MisadventuresNomination
30Magic: The Gathering Board GameNomination
63Maki StackNomination
134The Manhattan Project 2: Minutes to MidnightNomination
45Mansions of Madness: Second Edition 2018 ExpansionsNomination
24Maori Wars: The New Zealand Land Wars, 1845-1872Nomination
12Mars Open: Tabletop GolfNomination
73Master of the GalaxyNomination
133Maximum ApocalypseNomination
35Mech Command RTSNomination
35Medioevo UniversaleNomination
18Metal DawnNomination
16Mini RogueNomination
295Mint DeliveryNomination
7Mobster MetropolisNomination
5Monster HighwayNomination
186Monster LandsNomination
294Monster SlaughterNomination
108Mr. PresidentNomination
29Munchkin Collectible Card GameNomination
32Museum RushNomination
18Myth: Dark FrontierNomination
432Mythic Battles: PantheonNomination
55Neanderthal 2nd editionNomination
340Near and Far: Amber MinesNomination
46Neon Knights: 2086Nomination
163The Networks: ExecutivesNomination
115Neue HeimatNomination
8Night ClanNomination
21Nights of Fire: Battle for BudapestNomination
10No Honor Among ThievesNomination
11Normandy, The Beginning of the EndNomination
128Now BoardingNomination
69Nut So FastNomination
302Oceans: An Evolution GameNomination
22Off the RailsNomination
333Okko's Chronicles: The Cycle of Water – Quest into DarknessNomination
14Omen: Fires in the EastNomination
137One Deck Dungeon: Forest of ShadowsNomination
219The Order of Vampire HuntersNomination
5Overturn: Rising SandsNomination
34Palm IslandNomination
228Pandemic Legacy: Season 3Nomination
38Pathfinder Occult Adventures and Ultimate Add-on ExpansionsNomination
45Patriots & RedcoatsNomination
29Pavlov's HouseNomination
71Peak OilNomination
11Pepper & Carrot: The Potion ContestNomination
54Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal RiftNomination
93Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal Rift – Traitor GuardNomination
202The Pillars of the Earth Second EditionNomination
73The Pirate RepublicNomination
244Quodd HeroesNomination
13ROBOT RISE!Nomination
16RONE: New ForcesNomination
50RWBY: Combat ReadyNomination
40Rabbit Island: Explore, Build, Conquer!Nomination
225Raiders of the North Sea: Fields of FameNomination
232Raiders of the North Sea: Hall of HeroesNomination
88Railways of NipponNomination
66Rambo: The Board GameNomination
27Reavers of MidgardNomination
24The Red Dragon Inn: Allies – Adonis vs. the Lich KingNomination
20Red Storm: The Air War Over Central Germany, 1987Nomination
127Resident Evil 2: The Board GameNomination
175The Rise of QueensdaleNomination
408Rise of TribesNomination
407Rise to NobilityNomination
1163Rising SunNomination
363Robin Hood and the Merry MenNomination
279Robinson Crusoe: The Lost City of ZNomination
115Robotech: Force of ArmsNomination
372Roll Player: Monsters & MinionsNomination
21Roll to the Top!Nomination
18Rolling EmpiresNomination
8Ruins of MarsNomination
17Runewars 2018 ExpansionsNomination
25STEM: Epic HeroesNomination
36Sailing Toward OsirisNomination
47Sails to SteamNomination
7Samurai VassalNomination
82The Sands of TimeNomination
77Savage Planet: The Fate of FantosNomination
9Scare It!Nomination
67The Scarlet PimpernelNomination
474Scythe: The Rise of FenrisNomination
28Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from DulceNomination
97Secrets of the Lost StationNomination
17Seize the BeanNomination
126Sentinels of the Multiverse: OblivAeonNomination
64Seventh CrossNomination
52Shadowrift: Skittering DarknessNomination
188Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden FortressNomination
17The Shared Dream: The Crux CollectionNomination
114Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective – Carlton House & Queen's ParkNomination
17Shifting RealmsNomination
72The Shipwreck ArcanaNomination
361Sid Meier's Civilization: A New DawnNomination
410Siege of the CitadelNomination
823Sine TemporeNomination
19Smash Up: That '70s ExpansionNomination
42Smiths of WinterforgeNomination
23So Long, My WorldNomination
71Space Empires: ReplicatorsNomination
103Space Race: The Card Game – InterkosmosNomination
52Speakeasy BluesNomination
689Spirits of the ForestNomination
4Spitfyre: Aerial Combat in the skies of PanzerfäusteNomination
131Spy ClubNomination
19Stalingrad Inferno on the VolgaNomination
396Star Realms: FrontiersNomination
99Star Saga Wave 2Nomination
20Star Trek: Ascendancy 2018 ExpansionsNomination
89Star Trek: Frontiers – The Return of KhanNomination
49Star Wars: Armada 2018 ExpansionsNomination
33Star Wars: Destiny 2018 ExpansionsNomination
158Star Wars: LegionNomination
25Star Wars: The Card Game 2018 ExpansionsNomination
23Stellar HorizonNomination
67Stellar LeapNomination
162Stephenson's RocketNomination
54Stone Age: The ExpansionNomination
62The Stonebound SagaNomination
80Street Masters: Rise of the KingdomNomination
180Stuffed FablesNomination
10Summoner's IsleNomination
91Super Dungeon Explore: LegendsNomination
47Super Wits & Wagers: Superheroes vs SupervillainsNomination
8Supernatural SocksNomination
19Swords & SailsNomination
280T.I.M.E. Stories 2018 ExpansionsNomination
19Table Battles - War of the Roses ExpansionNomination
40Tabula RasaNomination
51Talon 1000Nomination
29Tank Duel: Enemy in the CrosshairsNomination
110Tao Long: The Way of the DragonNomination
100Targi expansion, English releaseNomination
27The Tea Dragon Society Card GameNomination
43Temporal OdysseyNomination
75Teotihuacan: City of GodsNomination
94The Terminator: The Official Board GameNomination
277Terraforming Mars - Unnamed 2018 expansionNomination
48This War Without an EnemyNomination
330Thunderstone QuestNomination
34Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 6 – France & Old WestNomination
830Time of Legends: Joan of ArcNomination
204Tiny Epic Defenders: The Dark WarNomination
357Too Many Bones: UndertowNomination
12Tooth and TailNomination
197Touch of Death: A Fantasy Quest GameNomination
23Tower of MadnessNomination
146TradeWorlds: Exterra EditionNomination
59Trickerion: Dahlgaard's AcademyNomination
4Triumph of Chaos v.2 (Deluxe Edition)Nomination
364UBOOT: The Board GameNomination
70Unlock! 2018 ScenariosNomination
47Unstable UnicornsNomination
57The Valley of AlchemistsNomination
69Vanguard of WarNomination
70Victorian MastermindsNomination
287Vikings Gone Wild: Masters of ElementsNomination
273Village AttacksNomination
18Visitor in Blackwood GroveNomination
172The Voyages of Marco Polo: Agents of Venice Z-Man English EditionNomination
126The Walking Dead: No SanctuaryNomination
77Wander: The Cult of Barnacle BayNomination
15Wanted EarthNomination
10Wanted: Rich or DeadNomination
114War RoomNomination
109War of the Ring: Warriors of Middle Earth Limited EditionNomination
166Warehouse 13: The Board GameNomination
33Warhammer 40,000: Heroes of Black ReachNomination
93Way of the PandaNomination
75Western LegendsNomination
429Who Goes There?: A game of growing paranoiaNomination
18Wing Leader: BlitzNomination
14Wings of Glory: Tripods & TriplanesNomination
313The World of SMOG: Rise of MolochNomination
30Wrathborne ChampionsNomination
47Wreck and RuinNomination
41X-Wing 2018 ExpansionsNomination
456Zombicide: Green HordeNomination
80Zombie TsunamiNomination
12There She Is!!Nomination