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Alphabetical listing of nominations

Nominations list as of Sun Jan 08 12:10 PM MST 2017
20'65: Squad-Level Combat in the Jungles of VietnamNomination
3010 Minute Heist: The Wizard's TowerNomination
221066, Tears To Many MothersNomination
121750: Britain vs. FranceNomination
821754: Conquest – The French and Indian WarNomination
821960: The Making of the PresidentNomination
1242017 Masmorra expansionsNomination
102GM TacticsNomination
725-Minute DungeonNomination
1127The 7th ContinentNomination
126878: Vikings – The Invasions of EnglandNomination
41A Game of Thrones: The Card Game (2nd Ed.) 2017 ExpansionsNomination
7A Glorious Chance: The Naval Struggle for Lake Ontario, 1813Nomination
73A Handful of StarsNomination
5Above Top SecretNomination
170Alien ArtifactsNomination
71Android: Netrunner 2017 ExpansionsNomination
53Apocalypse RoadNomination
105Apocrypha Adventure Card GameNomination
438Arcadia Quest: InfernoNomination
351Arkham Horror: The Card Game 2017 ExpansionsNomination
41Asking for TrobilsNomination
60Asking for Trobils: Trobil MakersNomination
46Assault of the GiantsNomination
44Automobiles: Racing SeasonNomination
35Ave RomaNomination
49Aventuria - Adventure Card Game with expansionsNomination
24B-17 Flying Fortress LeaderNomination
36BATTALIA: The StormgatesNomination
28Backpacks & Blisters (second edition)Nomination
7Ballistic ReignNomination
20Band of Brothers: Old Breed South PacificNomination
16Band of Brothers: Battle Pack 1Nomination
328Barnyard RoundupNomination
21Batman: The Animated Series – Almost Got 'Im Card GameNomination
3Battle BlakesNomination
6Battle of BelmontNomination
48Battle of BritainNomination
26Battleborn LegacyNomination
46Battlestations: Second EditionNomination
72Beer EmpireNomination
47Bethel WoodsNomination
194Between Two Cities ExpansionNomination
45Big Trouble in Little China: The GameNomination
38The Bird Told Me To Do ItNomination
2Black EaglesNomination
35Blackout: Journey into DarknessNomination
44Blackwater GulchNomination
5Blood on the OhioNomination
46Bottom of the 9th: Clubhouse ExpansionNomination
23Bunny KingdomNomination
50Campaign TrailNomination
58The Captain Is DeadNomination
41The Captain Is Dead: Episode 3 - LockdownNomination
11Card Fusion ChaosNomination
142Carnival ZombieNomination
16Castle DukesNomination
32Cataclysm: A Second World WarNomination
92Catacombs & CastlesNomination
134Cavern TavernNomination
20Championship Formula RacingNomination
170Chimera StationNomination
283Chronicles 1: OriginsNomination
62The City of KingsNomination
96Clank! ExpansionNomination
23Clans of CaledoniaNomination
47Coastal Tides ExpansionNomination
41Coldwater CrownNomination
65Colonial Twilight: The French-Algerian War, 1954-62Nomination
89Colt Express: Indians & CavalryNomination
61Commands & Colors Tricorne: The American RevolutionNomination
213Conan 2017 ExpansionsNomination
55Council of 4Nomination
4Crossbones: The Swashbuckling Pirate Adventure GameNomination
10Crossroads of HeroesNomination
161Cry Havoc: AftermathNomination
268Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 2Nomination
44Cutthroat KingdomsNomination
15D-Day at Omaha BeachNomination
333Dark Souls: The Board GameNomination
177Darkest Night (Second edition)Nomination
65Darklight: Memento MoriNomination
52Darkness SabotageNomination
225Days of Ire: Budapest 1956Nomination
11DeathBot DerbyNomination
408Deep MadnessNomination
18Demon EspionageNomination
55Destiny Aurora: RenegadesNomination
28Dice ForgeNomination
27Dice MastersNomination
111Doctor Who: Time of the DaleksNomination
21Doughnut Drive-ThruNomination
18Dragon Ball Z: The Miniatures GameNomination
43Dragonsgate CollegeNomination
6Drawing DeadNomination
24DreadBall: The Futuristic Sports GameNomination
152The Dresden Files Cooperative Card GameNomination
68Dungeon CrusadeNomination
154Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of DoomNomination
17Dungeon TimeNomination
28Dwar7s Fall: Empires ExpansionNomination
2Dwarven TradersNomination
159The Edge: DawnfallNomination
97Einstein: His Amazing Life and Incomparable ScienceNomination
180Elder Sign: Omens of the DeepNomination
179Eldritch Horror: The DreamlandsNomination
38Emergence Event - Awakening ExpansionNomination
123Empires of the Void 2nd editionNomination
150Endangered Orphans of Condyle CoveNomination
182Endure the StarsNomination
16Enemy Coast Ahead: The Doolittle RaidNomination
37Escape: The Curse of the Temple – Big BoxNomination
16Escape: Zombie City – Big BoxNomination
162Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia expansionNomination
92Evil Dead 2: The Official Board GameNomination
9The Exodus FleetNomination
190Exodus: Event HorizonNomination
13Fall of the Last CityNomination
20Fallen Land: A Journey into DarknessNomination
43Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game and Expansion A Journey into DarknessNomination
45Family PlotNomination
84Fate of the Elder GodsNomination
151Fields Of Arle ExpansionNomination
54Fields of Despair: France 1914-1918Nomination
30Fields of Fire 2nd EditionNomination
32Fields of Fire Vol. II: ''With The Old Breed''Nomination
29Fire of EidolonNomination
12The First JihadNomination
634First Martians: Adventures on the Red PlanetNomination
51Fleet Commander: GenesisNomination
113Flick 'em Up!: Dead of WinterNomination
8Fliip FootballNomination
267Fog of LoveNomination
269Folklore: The AfflictionNomination
19Game of Thrones: The Iron ThroneNomination
13Gateway: UprisingNomination
51Ghostbusters: The Board Game IINomination
172Glen MoreNomination
355Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest GameNomination
215Glorantha: The Gods WarNomination
30Go Nuts for DonutsNomination
221The Godfather: The Board GameNomination
33Godforsaken ScavengersNomination
3Great War CommanderNomination
19Guards of Atlantis: Tabletop MOBANomination
23H.E.A.D. HuntersNomination
244Hannibal: Rome vs. CarthageNomination
60Healthy Heart HospitalNomination
20Heart of CrownNomination
6Heist to ParadiseNomination
25Here I StandNomination
467Hero Realms: The Ruin of Thandar Campaign DeckNomination
59HeroQuest 25th Anniversary EditionNomination
16Heroes and TricksNomination
104Heroes of Land, Air & SeaNomination
35Heroes of Normandie the Tactical Card GameNomination
203High Frontier (3rd edition)Nomination
32Hitler's ReichNomination
8Hold the Line: The American RevolutionNomination
10Holdfast: Atlantic 1939-45Nomination
7Holdfast: EastFront 1941-1945Nomination
9Holdfast: Pacific 1941-45Nomination
30Holland '44: Operation Market-GardenNomination
53Hoplomachus - Carthage City ExpansionNomination
139Hostage Negotiator: Crime WaveNomination
42Iberian RailsNomination
42Ibyron: Island of DiscoveryNomination
203Imperial Assault 2017 ExpansionsNomination
74Imperial StruggleNomination
138In the Year of the Dragon: 10th AnniversaryNomination
160Innovation DeluxeNomination
25Iron DragonNomination
13Island HopperNomination
16Israeli Air Force LeaderNomination
11It's Just A TheoryNomination
205Jamaica: The CrewNomination
86John CompanyNomination
53Justice League: The BoardgameNomination
12Kill the kingNomination
151King of Tokyo 2017 Expansions: Monster Pack - Cthulhu and Power Up 2.0Nomination
18King of Tokyo: Power Up!Nomination
15Kingdom Builder: HarvestNomination
375Kingdom Death: Monster v1.5Nomination
102Kingsburg (Second Edition)Nomination
9Korsun Pocket IINomination
8Kung Fu ComboNomination
15Kung Fu Panda: The Board GameNomination
9LACORSA Grand Prix GameNomination
37LOAD: League of Ancient DefendersNomination
26Lazer RyderzNomination
117Leaders of Euphoria: Choose a Better OppressorNomination
97Legend of the Five Rings: The Card GameNomination
103Legendary: Buffy The Vampire SlayerNomination
53Legendary: NoirNomination
238Legends UntoldNomination
8Legends of the MistNomination
19Leningrad '41Nomination
12Life & LegendNomination
110The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game 2017 ExpansionsNomination
12Lords of BaseballNomination
62The Lords of RockNomination
78Lorenzo il MagnificoNomination
23Lovecraft LetterNomination
25Madness At MidnightNomination
46The Manhattan Project 2: Minutes to MidnightNomination
204Mansions of Madness: Second Edition – Beyond the ThresholdNomination
16Maori Wars: The New Zealand Land Wars, 1845-1872Nomination
264Martians: A Story of CivilizationNomination
110Masmorra: Dungeons of ArcadiaNomination
552Massive DarknessNomination
45Master of Orion: The Board GameNomination
324Mech Command RTSNomination
50Medici: The Card GameNomination
266Mint WorksNomination
7Miracle at DunkerqueNomination
185Mistborn: House WarNomination
8Monster TrapNomination
18Mortal Kombat X: The Miniatures GameNomination
22Mothership: Tabletop CombatNomination
52Mountains of MadnessNomination
98Mr. PresidentNomination
38Munchkin X-MenNomination
20Mysterium: Second ExpansionNomination
53Myth: Dark FrontierNomination
756Mythic Battles: PantheonNomination
98Nations: The Dice Game – UnrestNomination
495Near and FarNomination
414Nemo's War (second edition)Nomination
46Nightmare Forest: Alien InvasionNomination
30Nine Years: The War of the Grand Alliance 1688-1697Nomination
27The Ninth World: A Skillbuilding Game for NumeneraNomination
31No Honor Among ThievesNomination
140Notre Dame: 10th AnniversaryNomination
52Nova Aetas: Dark Renaissance Tactical GameNomination
17ORIGINZ: The Superpowered Card GameNomination
81Of Dreams and Magic: The Shared DreamNomination
27On MarsNomination
54One Night Ultimate AlienNomination
10Orient ExpressNomination
66The Others: 7 Sins – Apocalypse ExpansionNomination
43Overlords of InfamyNomination
51Pack O GameNomination
644Pandemic Legacy: Season 2Nomination
117Pendragon: The Fall of Roman BritainNomination
88Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal RiftNomination
98Pericles: The Peloponnesian WarsNomination
17Pinball ShowdownNomination
29Pioneer DaysNomination
22The Pioneers ProgramNomination
86The Pirate RepublicNomination
121Pixie QueenNomination
40Problem Picnic: Attack of the AntsNomination
11Professor Treasure's Secret Sky CastleNomination
7Pyramid PokerNomination
84Quests of ValeriaNomination
33Quodd HeroesNomination
68Raiders of the North Sea ExpansionsNomination
98Rail Raiders InfiniteNomination
9Ravenwood: A Steam Powered AdventureNomination
77Rayguns and RocketshipsNomination
165Rebellion 2017 ExpansionsNomination
61The Red Dragon Inn 6: VillainsNomination
621Rising SunNomination
20Robotech RPG TacticsNomination
49Rocky Road à la ModeNomination
59Roll PlayerNomination
16Roll Player: Monsters & MinionsNomination
80Room 25: Escape RoomNomination
178Rum & Bones: Second TideNomination
123RuneWars: Miniatures GameNomination
65SUPERHOT Card GameNomination
19Sakura ArmsNomination
139Saltlands with Lost in the Desert expansionNomination
10The Sands of TimeNomination
382Santorini - EU ReleaseNomination
11Santorini: Golden FleeceNomination
14Save the President, Save the WorldNomination
9Sector 6Nomination
159Sentinels of the Multiverse: OblivAeonNomination
319Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden FortressNomination
19Shadows of Brimstone: Wave 2 ExpansionsNomination
31Shark IslandNomination
314Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End AdventuresNomination
39Shiba Inu HouseNomination
10Siege of VerdanNomination
440Siege of the CitadelNomination
25Skies Above the ReichNomination
92Smash Up: What Were We Thinking?Nomination
304Sol: Last Days of a StarNomination
13Space Infantry: ResurgenceNomination
99Space Race: The Card GameNomination
33Spirit IslandNomination
127Splendor expansionNomination
18Spoils of WarNomination
74Star Saga: The Eiras ContractNomination
77Star Wars: Armada 2017 ExpansionsNomination
32Star Wars: The Card Game 2017 ExpansionsNomination
29Starving ArtistsNomination
70Steam Ship CompanyNomination
13Stellar ArmadaNomination
42Stop Thief!Nomination
106Sub TerraNomination
159Super Dungeon Explore: LegendsNomination
40Sweet SpotNomination
513Sword & SorceryNomination
240T.I.M.E Stories: Expedition: EnduranceNomination
253T.I.M.E. Stories - 2017 ExpansionsNomination
15Tao Long: The Way of the DragonNomination
12Target for TodayNomination
206Tau Ceti: Planetary CrisisNomination
105Techno Bowl: Arcade Football UnpluggedNomination
47The Terminator: The Official Board GameNomination
240Terraforming Mars - Unnamed Expansion(s)Nomination
833This War of Mine: The Board GameNomination
587Thunderstone QuestNomination
27Thwarted! A Game of Super-VillainyNomination
9Tiki IslandNomination
21Time of CrisisNomination
340Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the BlackNomination
553Tiny Epic QuestNomination
9Tokyo GhoulNomination
206Too Many BonesNomination
7Trade EmpiresNomination
173Tradewars - Homeworld: Exterra EditionNomination
22Train HeistNomination
8Twisted: A Steampunk Miniatures GameNomination
50Ultimate Werewolf LegacyNomination
26Unicornus KnightsNomination
2Unlocked: The Mansion of ManaNomination
23Unmasked: Dracula's FeastNomination
11Unreal EstateNomination
27Urban OperationsNomination
81Valeria: Card Kingdoms – Flames and FrostNomination
303Vampire HuntersNomination
12Veggie GardenNomination
122Victorian MastermindsNomination
50Victory and Glory: NapoleonNomination
381Vikings Gone WildNomination
187The Walking Dead: No SanctuaryNomination
27War of the Nine RealmsNomination
129War of the Ring: Anniversary EditionNomination
21War of the Ring: Lords of Middle-earthNomination
68Warehouse 13: The Board GameNomination
80Wasteland Express Delivery ServiceNomination
25Way of the FighterNomination
55Welcome to CentervilleNomination
17Whelps to WyrmsNomination
54Wits & Wagers: Epic Geek EditionNomination
94Word DominationNomination
99The World of Smog: Rise of MolochNomination
11Wreck and RuinNomination
81X-Wing 2017 ExpansionsNomination
38XCOM: The Board Game – EvolutionNomination
396Xia: Embers of a Forsaken StarNomination
97Zephyr: Winds of ChangeNomination
8Zeppelins: Monsters of the Purple TwilightNomination